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Zosimos of Panopolis

I Build AMAZING Homunculi!

Renwick Vel Eros
Other than typing this sentence I haven't updated my interest list of this profile in years because I am too lazy; it suffices to say I'm very different now.

Almost entirely friends only.

abandoned buildings, aghora, aleister crowley, altered states of consciousness, ambien, amsterdam, anarchism, anarchy, arthur rimbaud, astral projection, austin osman spare, autodidactic syncreticism, ayahuasca, baron samedi, basquiat, baudelaire, baudrillard, bdsm, beth orton, biochemistry, biofeedback, body modification, brioni, britpop, chaos magick, chemistry, coffee houses, cognitive neuroscience, coil, coleridge, comme des garcons, consciousness, current 93, cybernetics, dada, dead can dance, deconstructionism, derrida, dior homme, dmt, dream a little dream, dreams, drugs, ecstacy, egon schiele, enkephalinase inhibition, enkephalins, ethnobotany, eurotrash, exploration, future sound of london, ganesh, gbl, genital piercing, gephyrophobia, ghb, graffiti, gucci, hallucinogens, hedi slimane, henry darger, hermes, hieronymous bosch, home schooling, hypochondria, i-ching, indian food, issey miyake, kali, kenneth grant, ketamine, lari pittman, legendary pink dots, libertarianism, london suede, love, lucid dreaming, macrobiotics, maldoror, martin margiela, mdma, meditation, mescaline, michael persinger, mole sauce, monogamy, neuropharmacology, neurophilosophy, neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, neuroscience, neurotheology, nick drake, nietzsche, nitrous oxide, nootropics, noses, odillon redon, older women, opium, orgone, outsider art, pessimism, peter j. carroll, peyote, pharmacology, piercings, polyamory, polyfidelity, poppies, prada, prince albert, psilocybin, psychedelics, psychology, pucci, pulp, qlippoth, rainer maria rilke, retsina wine, salvia divinorum, scarification, schopenhauer, sex, shamanism, sleep deprivation, smart drugs, surgical mods, suspension, syncretism, tantra, tattoos, terence mckenna, the postal service, thelema, transhumanism, trip hop, tripping, tryptamines, unschooling, urban exploration, vicodin, voodoo, waking life, william burroughs, wittgenstein, world domination, writing my book, zen